Sunday, February 11, 2007

Cooking for Valentines Day

I've been going over my menu for Valentine's Day for the past few evenings....found most of what I was looking for on, but I am still in search of a healthy chocolate dessert with my favorite fruit: figs. Every recipe I find requires some special tart dish, or looks too sweet, or looks too complicated. I want to experiment with my own thing, but I don't want to screw it up. The whole aim of the meal is to make something that is healthy, not too expensive, totally yummy, and with an aphrodisiac quality. I've got the appetizer down, and the entree, but I'm still working on the salad (and, of course, the dessert). If any of you loyal readers have advice, please let me know. Soon.

On another note, did anyone see Prince at the Superbowl the other night? Jesus. What a show. This is the thought I had after watching: This is one of the few times that America allows a black man to publicly celebrate his sexuality. (And allows white teenage girls to throw up their hands, open their mouths up wide, and shout.)

And Jennifer Hudson on the Grammies. Watching her tonite reminded me of the saying: "A 20 lb sack of potatoes in a 10 lb bag." But I'll tell you what. She is HOT.

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3 Things About Money said...

Amen on jennifer hudson -- hot hot hot...