Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Lackluster Lentils

I guess its just the doldrums of mid January creeping in, but I'm feeling less than inspired lately. I made a not-so-tasty lentil soup over the weekend. Same recipe as always, but I think maybe the fact that we've been cooking so well lately makes my old standards pale in comparison.

What I do feel surprisingly inspired by, though, are the primaries. I loved Hillary's show of emotion the other day. I'm definitely not a Hillary supporter, but I don't like the feeling that when people think of change, change in terms of leaders and gender isn't palatable to people. There have been some really good pieces written about this, though, in blogs (check out Gara LaMarche's blog, there's a link on this page). What I do like is that that people are clearly expressing a desire for positivity, optimism, and a new discourse.

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