Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Edible weeds

Last night, my friend Patrick treated me to an awesome meal at Cookshop in Chelsea, a green-chic restaurant on 10th Avenue in Manhattan. I wasn't charmed by the place like I was with the Good Fork in Red Hook, but the food and the company were terrific. We started out with a salad of purslane, toasted hazelnuts, and blueberries in a champagne vinegarette. The waiter told us about how packed with nutrients the purslane is....and it's a weed indigenous to New York. When I asked where I could find some, he just pointed outside. I went to Whole Foods afterwards to find some to no avail. Then I started poking around on the Internet, and realized that I eradicated them from my porch garden this Spring. I can't believe it. I religiously went out there every morning and picked the purslane and threw it in the trash. I went out to search for some when I realized that the weed I'd been picking was actually the delicious and nutritious green I had paid $12 for (well, actually, Patrick paid) the night before. None. Successfully exterminated. (Which, according to web reports, is quite difficult). I will pray to the Goddess that it returns next Spring.

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