Saturday, August 9, 2008

Pan Integral, muy delicioso en Coyoacan

On the way back from Mercado de Coyoacan I found this lovely little organic bakery about 8 blocks from the subway station on a beautiful main street in the town aptly named La Casa del Pan. The waitstaff was friendly, the atmosphere totally relaxed, and the food was terrific--all organic, fresh, and local. I had a cappuccino, a whole wheat roll that was slightly sweet, and a small almond crescent cookie. The wheat roll was just the right kind of crusty and shiny on the outside, the right kind of soft in the middle, and the right kind of sweet throughout. I also bought a roll to make a sandwich for the plane the next day and carried it like an ancient vase all day so that it didn't get crushed.

Besides amazing breads and other baked deliciousness, they served soup, pizza, and sandwiches that were also prepared in a lovely and healthy way. There are more and more places like this in Central America. If you're ever in Mexico City, it's worth a trip to Coyoacan--for the market, but also for lunch at this bakery.

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