Saturday, August 10, 2013

Herby Leftover Eggs

 Some Saturday mornings, the havoc wrought by the week on the fridge is unbearable and I despair.  Tiny bits of leftover thiss and thats from home-cooked weekday meals scattered throughout the fridge, taking up space and messing up the order of things. On other Saturdays, I make lemons out of lemonade and make herby-leftover eggs.

This morning, I pruned the herbs on the porch and chopped them up with the leftovers I scrounged from the fridge: a few pieces of steak, ½ of a baked red potato, kimchee, a few errant olives,  some garlic, and 2 slices of swiss cheese. I’m more a scramble than an omelet person, so I sautéed the chopped up potato, garlic, and steak, then added the eggs. I carefully stirred them around to avoid browning them, and then folded in the herbs, kimchee, and swiss. Delicioso.

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