Monday, June 23, 2008

Tomato-Basil Tilapia with Roasted Mushroom & Shallots

I'd never seen a Hen-of-the-Woods mushroom before, but my favorite mushroom man was at the Grand Army Plaza Farmer's Market on Saturday, and sold me on 1/4 pound of the succulent beauty. I took it home and presented it to D. and said: "what do we do with it?" The mushroom man had suggested roasting the 'shroom with shallots and olive oil, which is just what we did. The key was cutting the mushroom the right cut it like a cauliflower, separating it from the base into smallish pieces. One quarter pound yielded about a dozen pieces. We tossed sliced shallots (cut to be about the same size as the mushrooms) with salt, pepper, and parsley and then tossed that mix gently with the mushroom pieces, so that the tips didn't break off. Then we placed it all in a small shallow roasting pan at 400 degrees and roasted for about 20 minutes. We ate the mushroom with two medium pieces of tilapia roasted with tomatos and fresh basil from the balcony. Delicious.

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