Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ordering Out: Get Fresh

We've both been way too busy with work and other things for the past two weeks; tonite, I was out of ideas and decided to try the new place that opened in Park Slope called Get Fresh.

The place delivers prepared meals that just need to be cooked, and uses organic and local ingredients. The menu changes every month or so to reflect foods that are in season. It's a bit expensive, and the food wasn't stellar, but I felt okay having it for dinner.

We ordered Korean beef BBQ w/rice and kimchee, sauteed kale with garlic, and porcini mushroom rice cakes. The rice cakes were not on the printed menu that I had from last month, because the porcinis were in season, and the celery root remoulade that I did want was not. I was tempted to order the vanilla bean rice pudding (and at this time of the night, I really wish I had). Get Fresh took credit card info over the phone for payment, and the delivery came in a jiffy. Very convenient. They even delivered a little later than they usually do because I sounded desperate--and maybe because I was very close and they hadn't been very busy. Anyway, it made me feel special.

The meat was a bit chewy, but the flavor was nice. We decided to forego the rice and serve the beef with the rice cakes. We also put the kale in the fridge...just seemed like too much to eat. (Just finished Michael Pollan's latest: eat less, he says, mostly plants). The kimchee was a little strange, kind of like an Asian cole slaw, and the porcinis had too much rice and not enough porcini.

It was also a bit pricey--but paying more for healthy, quality food that's produced in a sustainable way is kind of part of the point. You vote for the kind of food you want with your dollars to the extent you can, and hope that it results in a rise in demand, which in turn results in the development and investment in small farms. That's a good thing. Check out

This description sounds harsh, but I have to say, I wish this place well and hope that it takes feedback in stride and gives it some consideration. The concept is awesome; I hope I get a chance to taste another dish sometime soon.

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