Thursday, May 1, 2008

Why Isn't the TSA Afraid of Buffalo Wings?

Sometimes I just can't believe what I get away with at the airport. I won't list everything here, but this time, it was a small insulated bag with Cuisine de Buffalo.

Not many people look forward to business trips to Buffalo, but for me, I have the chance to see dear friends, and get my fill of some of the foods of my yesteryear: Amy's Place lentil soup & awesome omelets, and Buffalo wings. Thankfully, the uber-healthy friends that I stay with have a teenaged son who digs the wings as much as I do. Go Aidan!

On the way there, the barrett in my hair resulted in a full pat down (which is much more like a feeling-up, to be honest); but 6 BBQ chicken wings and a cup of lentil soup in an insulated bag didn't raise an eyebrow. The question is: should we worry about the TSA's failure to detect dangerous chicken wings??

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