Sunday, January 4, 2009

Visiting the Buffalo Farm

Two years ago, I was a lawbreaker. I had my car registered in Pennsylvania, and so I had to travel to PA in order to get the car inspected. One year, I decided to take the car to Hamlin, PA, about a half an hour away from our friends' home in Lackawaxen because it was on the way from my parents' to their place. On the way back, we noticed a buffalo farm with free range buffaloes and a small adjacent store that sold the meat. We picked up a bunch of frozen meat; it was delicious, and we made quite a few cool dishes: buffalo kebabs, buffalo meatloaf, and buffalo stew with parsnips. You can find information about the place, and directions to the farm, here: Over the holidays, we went back and stocked up for a few months. Skirt steak if my favorite cut of meat, so the first thing we tried was a buffalo skirt steak.

I marinated the buffalo meat in olive oil, diced garlic, ginger, salt, pepper, paprika, and tons of parsley. I rubbed it into the meat in the morning, and left it in the fridge all day while we were at work. It was easier from there: D seared the marinated steak in a sizzling cast iron pan and we served it with some pureed cauliflower that I had frozen and then defrosted that same morning, and steamed kale. Delicious.

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